African Beer Emporium Now Open

African Beer Emporium (ABE) is an upmarket restaurant/ bar which will focus on delivering local and foreign visitors a taste of Africa in an unprecedented way and with exceptional style.

Die Koos 9

Wondergom Woorde: The Koos Kombuis Interview

"Different music means different things to different people. I have a thirteen year old daughter who has steadily progressed from listening to High School Musical to One Direction and Miley Cyrus, and eventually she discovered the old stuff by Led Zeppelin, the Stones and [...]


Ninja Tap Dancers: The Gangs of Ballet Interview

"It might be because it is such a human medium that transcends race, age, situation and it speaks to a very deep part of the human soul. Places accessed by anything else on earth. It is a mystery and I love a mystery. As a song writer I keep in mind that we have the [...]


Blue: The Dan Patlansky Interview

"Being yourself when writing, and only doing something you’re passionate about. It's not possible to create something everyone will like, but if your honest you have a better chance. Often the stuff you think will be important never is and the stuff you thought was crap turn [...]


Changing Colors: The Chris Chameleon Interview

"Because it enters through that cavity you can’t close at will, like your eyes or tongue or nose. Because it starts out as a physical stimulus which eventually goes through the heart to move the soul. Every word has a color, a weight, and historic stigma. In composing [...]

Mango Groove

Moments Away: The Mango Groove Interview

Music goes straight to your emotional core, whether you are happy or sad, celebrating or mourning…in a way it becomes a sort of soundtrack to your life and to all your experiences and memories…that’s certainly what music has meant to me in my life. A lot of music in our [...]


Planet Awesome Sound & Visual Design

Peach van Pletzen and Louis Minnaar discovered Planet Awesome in 2014 during their quest for new and exciting soundscapes. These two explorers each have more than a decade experience in the music, audio production and ad industry. Whatever the project requirements may be, [...]

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