Die Koos 9

Wondergom Woorde: The Koos Kombuis Interview

"Different music means different things to different people. I have a thirteen year old daughter who has steadily progressed from listening to High School Musical to One Direction and Miley Cyrus, and eventually she discovered the old stuff by Led Zeppelin, the Stones and [...]


Ninja Tap Dancers: The Gangs of Ballet Interview

"It might be because it is such a human medium that transcends race, age, situation and it speaks to a very deep part of the human soul. Places accessed by anything else on earth. It is a mystery and I love a mystery. As a song writer I keep in mind that we have the [...]


Blue: The Dan Patlansky Interview

"Being yourself when writing, and only doing something you’re passionate about. It's not possible to create something everyone will like, but if your honest you have a better chance. Often the stuff you think will be important never is and the stuff you thought was crap turn [...]


Changing Colors: The Chris Chameleon Interview

"Because it enters through that cavity you can’t close at will, like your eyes or tongue or nose. Because it starts out as a physical stimulus which eventually goes through the heart to move the soul. Every word has a color, a weight, and historic stigma. In composing [...]

Mango Groove

Moments Away: The Mango Groove Interview

Music goes straight to your emotional core, whether you are happy or sad, celebrating or mourning…in a way it becomes a sort of soundtrack to your life and to all your experiences and memories…that’s certainly what music has meant to me in my life. A lot of music in our [...]

Shortstraw YOUTHLESS by Hanro Havenga 2

Pea-Shooting: The Shortstraw Interview

Because it is a creative release of emotion. Music can be sad or happy, it can make you want to dance it can make you want to cry. It sometimes says things you want to say but just don't know how. It's music, everyone understands it. Music is always meant to be enjoyed. We [...]

Beatenberg 5

Blasé Blues: The Beatenberg Interview

"The emotional quality of music is a conduit for catharsis. Also, dancing is very healthy and it is an ancient impulse. You know when the weather changes from sunny to stormy and back again all within one day? That's what our temperaments are like, and so we would be the [...]


Brothers: The Van Coke Kartel Interview

"When Francois plays big events like Oppikoppi, he likes to wear sexy girly underwear. I think it makes him connect with his feminine side. It really helps him reach the higher notes and obviously makes him feel more sexy and that energy the crowd can feel. Pretoria is our [...]

GAZELLE ELEPHANT by xander ferreira

Famous in Indonesia: The Gazelle Interview

The reason why music touches people is because it is an age old tool for the transcendence of the human experience. It is a tool for us to connect with our spirit and momentarily disengage from our minds experience. Everything exists in the same way. Art and Science is a [...]

Freshlyground NYC Street 2 Main

Universal Language: The Freshlyground Interview

"Music is a universal language, a language without words, a language built purely on feeling – and feelings are what make us human, what connect us to one another. Music is the ultimate connecting force! The song is about the relationship between men and women especially [...]

IMG_8305 Full

Buzz Poetry: The Bittereinder Interview

Because it's music, it makes us feel that we're more than people. Like Virginia Woolfe said, “words belong to each other”. It’s always fun for word-lovers like rappers to enjoy the relationships between words and languages that are related. Skerm is easily the most [...]