The Pretorian discusses the intimacy of large parties, the lack of privacy at small parties and our music DNA with Veranda Panda in a way an Egyptian would understand.

So, how’s Veranda Panda doing these days?

Fine thanks and you…? Haha ok seriously, we feel pretty good at the moment, but that only motivates us to keep pushing onward and upward. But we’re happy right now. We are happy bears.

How would you describe your music to an Egyptian?

From what I can gather, Egyptians enjoyed a good wall painting session. I would do my best to find a good patch of pyramid wall and draw the following:

– A horde of people facing two people with cat heads. The cat headed people have in their hands, a collection of instruments from the time. The drawing moves on to reveal the Cat headed people playing the instruments. As a result the people are doing the ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ dance, while some hold hands, kiss and fornicate along the banks of the river Nile.  In the last painting, everyone is asleep. Except for the Two cat heads, who are zipping off into space on a large disc like object.

What made you go “ electro and violin”?

It sounds cheesy but it feels like fate! We met each other at a corporate gig we were both playing at in separate capacities, and we just started talking and then started throwing more ideas around and through a lot of experimentation, hard work and some even harder parties, here we are. It’s a pretty bizarre combination when you look at it at face value, but we seem to be finding a sound and vibe that we like and has been working for us so far

Why do large parties have more intimacy?

You can lose yourself in a massive crowd and just be with the people you want to be with…

Why do small parties have no privacy?

Everyone’s always aware of everyone else!

When can we expect a fresh album?

At the moment we are focusing on releasing a series of singles. We did the album/EP release thing for a while and are keen to try a new tactic. The plan is to smash out some singles over the next six months and then work towards our first proper album by the end of 2015. No EP’s, but a full on kick-ass album!

You’re from KZN, what do you think of Pretoria?

Dis mos lekker!!!! We like Pretoria a lot, we’ve started playing up here more and we find Pretoria people to be really friendly and we’ve also found that they aren’t afraid of a good party and some heavy groot bass!

Blending the violin with electro. Tell us a bit about the production and recording process?

We have a pretty awesome working relationship, in that we understand each other really quickly. I will make a basic track, Jane often adds the musical flair, and fleshes the music side of things out allot more. Then I work on the production, we write lyrics together and then add the violin. We record with this awesome dude called Colin at Sonic Studios. I say awesome cause he helps bridge that gap between us vaguely knowing what we want and actually achieving it.

What does your fantasy/dream gig look like?

I might just be speaking for myself here, but at the moment its playing at an outdoor festival in Holland. Day time slot, suns out and we get to jam for thousands of happy Europeans. I’m pretty sure I could have gone with something bigger, but I always see this one particular scenario in my head!

Who will share the stage with you?

Oh I see! So we can add people now?! In that case; I wanna perform a track with the RZA! And I know Jane will agree with me on this; Boyd Tinsley, the violinist from Dave Matthews. The two of them Jamming with us in Holland! That’s the one.

Can you tell us an inspiring story?

I decided to go with a quote!

– “Don’t half-ass anything. Whatever you do, always use your full ass.” #Asspiration

Why do you think music is so important to people?

Music is something we can all understand. I believe its born into us. Deep in our DNA lies that connection to it. Its undeniable and connects right to the center of our souls, almost a manifestation of that part of us which is unseen, but felt, and without it, this world would be a pretty dull place. Its also very kiff and makes us dance, which is super kiff!

Listen to some tunes right here

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