Planet Awesome Sound & Visual Design

Peach van Pletzen and Louis Minnaar discovered Planet Awesome in 2014 during their quest for new and exciting soundscapes. These two explorers each have more than a decade experience in the music, audio production and ad industry. Whatever the project requirements may be, [...]


Grietfest 2015: Avant-Garde Electronic

Music has the power to unite people, cultures and religions. Music can create emotion, tell a story and can even be used to express ourselves. Music can reflect a time period, it reminds us of culture at the time, or brings back memories. It serves as a connection between [...]


Belief in Believing: The Majozi Interview

"Music is a universal language. It can add to or even change your emotions. It can tell a story without using words. Where are words end music begins. Belief and faith are all that I’m about. My faith teaches us to put others first and I guess that’s my philosophy. I try to [...]


A Golden Dish Gatsby: The Jimmy Nevis Interview

"The video shares my story and my community with my fans. It’s shot in Athlone and focuses on some of the key things that make 7764 such an amazing place – the smiles, the laughter, the food and the culture. The shoot outweighed my expectations completely. I was so humbled [...]


Kill City Blues: The Plastics Interview

If you have some sort of original voice within your music I don’t think you can ever be called derivative. All bands are influenced in some kind of way. It’s just that some of them have more obscure influences than others. We sincerely love people from Pretoria! We’re always [...]

V Panda - Colour One

Crowd Privacy: The Veranda Panda Interview

"Music is something we can all understand. I believe its born into us. Deep in our DNA lies that connection to it. Its undeniable and connects right to the center of our souls, almost a manifestation of that part of us which is unseen, but felt, and without it, this world [...]


Elephant Inspiration: The December Streets Interview

"It taps into a small piece of something beautiful in each one of us, that we all treasure & revel in and most extraordinarily, cannot explain, but need. Once while walking through the Kruger Park on a bird spotting expedition, we were abducted by a rebel group of elephants. [...]


Into Music: The Daniella Deysel Interview

"I think poetry has more freedom to flow freely from the thoughts and feelings of the writer. It has no road it needs to walk on, it can just float and become. It is not bound to a certain melody that needs to support the words or vice versa, which can maybe influence the [...]


Dan Patlansky European Tour Dairy 2014

Dan Patlansky returned to South Africa last week after an European tour to promote his new album, Dear Silence Thieves. Besides playing at the Fjord Blues Festival in Norway, he also played shows in Stuttgart, Istanbul, Dordrecht, Duurstede, Heerhugowaard, Leiden, Belgium [...]

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Pretoria Sounds: Hello Beautiful Interview

"Well, I guess it reminds you of a time or a memory you have when listening to a certain band or artist, it can instantly put you in the mood you want to be in, and of course, it brings people together. Pretoria is amazing, I love that place, I’ll always love that place, [...]

DesmondTans 2

Pretoria Girls: Desmond and the Tutus Interview

"I have no idea. It makes people feel good and I think that the feeling of hearing your favorite song is a unique feeling people get. Similar to the feeling one would get when they win money at a casino. We recently learnt that growing up we lived really close to Peach from [...]

Afrikaans Opera

Afrikaans Opera

POSKANTOOR is a genuine Afrikaans Opera exploring our sometimes ugly and often beautiful culture. Set in small town cursed with gossip and dogma, it chronicles a young widow in her endeavors to find happiness. Set in a small town cursed with gossip and dogma, it chronicles a [...]