Your Wikipedia page says you’re from Pretoria. Would you call Desmond and the Tutus a Pretoria band?

Well that’s how we started out – we all grew up in Pretoria and lived in Pretoria for most of our lives. Now we’re spread around, Shane and Craig live in Joburg, Douglas lives in Cape Town and Nic is the last man standing in Pretoria.

What’s your relationship with Pretoria like?

It’s special to us to go back and play there. We’ve had so many cool shows in Pretoria over the years so it’s interesting to see the live scene develop over there.

If you had to inspire a foreigner to visit Pretoria, what would you tell them?

I’d tell them to go to a Park Acoustics, a Fokof show at Arcade Empire and an ice cream at Royal Danish.

Do you think there’s such a thing as a Pretoria sound?

Nope. Having said that, so many great bands have come out of Pretoria, maybe it’s something in the water.

Some of you guys are big time Moot. What is the Moot and why are people so proud to be from there?

We recently learnt that growing up we lived really close to Peach from Bittereinder. Obviously back then we were way more focused on becoming professional break dancers and rappers so we would never have met each other until we started playing concerts.

Desmond Tutu sort have of gave you his blessing. Tell us a bit about that moment and what it felt like to be noted by such a big person?

I think we were just really relieved to know that we weren’t going to be getting sued any time soon.

I know you guys would love to feature Desmond Tutu in one of your videos. Have you made any attempts to get that idea rolling?

Haha, no I think that is a dream that’s fairly out of reach. Would be quite something though.

I remember seeing the high five sticker in the Hotbox living room. For those who don’t know, what was hotbox and why is it so legendary?

All I remember from Hotbox is some great shows, and getting an ear infection from the foam parties there. But seriously it was a really important part of where the live music scene is today in Pretoria.

You toured Japan in 2010. Tell us a bit about that?

Yes! And also in 2013 actually. Well, when we started Desmond one of the goals we had within the first week of being a band was to go to Japan and play shows. Things started falling into place and we got 3 releases there and then we ended up doing 2 full on Japan tours. Definitely a career and life highlight.

What was the most bizarre thing you did over there?

Shane ate pork off of a bald guys head.

What’s the difference between a Japanese and South African audience?

The interesting difference is between songs the audience is completely silent. There’s applause and then silence as the audience waits for the next song. More like an actual concert as opposed to a gig in a loud club.

Why do you love Pretoria girls?

They’ve got your back in sticky situations.

Would you say the new EP is a bit more rock ‘n roll than your previous records?

I don’t think I would say that, I’d say Part 1 of our new album is definitely some of the best stuff we’ve done as a band.

How’s it different from previous albums?

Well for starters we’re doing it in 3 parts, the writing process is different in that we write and record each part independently which has been a really cool experience.

Your music is quite positive and uplifting. Are there any negative things out there that concern you?

Ja, of course, there’s a bunch of negativity out there. But come on, we don’t people to get bummed out listening to our negative songs.

Why do you think music is so important to people?

I have no idea. It makes people feel good and I think that the feeling of hearing your favorite song is a unique feeling people get. Similar to the feeling one would get when they win money at a casino. Hehe.

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